My name is Melissa—and I live and create in Troy, NY.  I work as the design integreation director at CCA. But I’m also an artist and thing-maker. Collages, paintings, prints, photos and whatever else tickles my fancy at the moment… I wish I rode my scooter to work more often; I get sad when I sleep through the Saturday-morning farmers’ market; and I smile when it rains.

I’ve always loved paper and books. As a kid, giant sheets of paper were my go-to entertainment device. And I’ll eternally be an avid reader. I grew up in Pennsylvania, next to a park full of waterfalls—then moved to Upstate New York (with a brief layover in Massachusetts!). I’ve designed hundreds of books and covers—even edited a few NY Times bestsellers along the way. I’ve also been known to code, take photos, or just be a rational mind to help organize your next big idea—reach out to see how I can help you.